3 Important Questions to Ask a Removalist

Have you finally bought your dream home? After doing that, you must figure out how you’ll transport all your stuff to your new home. It’s a task that’s easier said than done especially if your family has lots of things. One great idea would be to hire a removalist, as they’re equipped with high-grade tools to move your stuff. Hence, you’ll save a lot of time and effort. Before hiring a removalist, you must ask these questions:

Do you know your way around the area?

You’ll get worried if the removalist gets lost whilst carrying your things. Hence, it’s important to ask if they know their way around the area. It would be hard if they rely on map apps such as Google Maps as that may distract them whilst they’re driving. If they know the streets like it’s in the palm of their hands, you’ll feel confident of hiring them.

What will you use to transport the items?

They must show you the truck they’ll use to transport your goods. If it looks strong, durable and reliable, it would be a good idea to hire them. Of course, you can’t say the same if they show you a vehicle that’s already worn out.

Do you offer an obligation-free quote?

Since you’re in the process of comparing several companies, you must ask if they provide a free quote. If they do, they’ll make it easier for you to compare rates of different removalists. Of course, the quote must contain a complete breakdown of all the expenses.

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