Wedding Venues

3 Unique Wedding Venues You Should Try

Setting yourself apart from the crowd can be a bit unsettling. Of course, there’s always the pressure of having to settle and live up to everyone’s expectations. But not everyone dreamt of having a grand wedding. In fact, many people want to create their own version of forever. One way to achieve this is by choosing unique wedding venues.

Getting quirky locations that show your style and personality can truly make the celebration special. Stop trying to live up to the dream wedding everyone wants you to have and be yourself. If you need some ideas, here are some venues you could try:

  • Simple and Elegant Room

If you are minimalistic at heart, why not go for an all-white room which showcases simplicity and modernity? By stripping down to the bare minimum, you can actually command more attention to yourself and to the whole reception. You won’t even need all the elaborate decoration just to make the place appealing. Try going for a chandelier room that makes the light fixture as the main attraction… Aside from the happy couple, of course.

  • Rustic Vibes

If you are into a more rustic appeal, why not go for warm colours that truly show this vibe? Go to a wedding venue that makes use of lots of wood as its decoration. These warm tones will definitely be the perfect backdrop for flowy linen and soft flowers around the room. Not to mention, the different textures will surely work to give you a great foundation to work with.

If you go with this theme, try going for simple, rustic centrepieces. An example would be getting assorted blooms and setting these up in mismatched bottles. This would make a great statement and would be a good conversation starter for your guests.

  • Feminine and Dainty

For those who are into a more dainty and feminine approach, try going to a champagne room. This room is perfect for ladies who like to brunch or even have their tea in the afternoon. The bright and cheery atmosphere will certainly liven up everyone’s faces as they enter this. In fact, they may even find this a cosy reception.

These are three venues that you can hire for your special day. For more information about these rooms, make sure to call unique wedding venues Brisbane today.