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4 Functions of Retaining Walls for Commercial Estates

Say you have a commercial property, which you want to develop. Maybe you want to update its appearance, or you simply want to have maximum benefit from your property. One of the structures that you might want to consider are retaining walls. Not familiar with their functions? Here are four purposes these walls can serve:

Irrigation and Water Control

If you own a vast land, you know how difficult it is to manage water accumulation due to heavy rains and storms. Having a retaining wall gives you the advantage to utilise rainwater build-up to nourish your plants. This way, you do not have to turn on the tap for this purpose. Moreover, you can eliminate excess water through a drainage system incorporated into its design.

Utilise Sloped Space

Sloped surfaces can be difficult to manage, especially if they are steep. These walls can help you make use of the slopes by making a flat surface. With this, you will be able to build other structures on top of the flattened area. You can also convert sloped areas into ramps to cater to handicapped people or those who need wheelchairs. In addition, having layers to your landscape can help you place more facilities in your area.

Preserve Soil Compaction

Water seeping into the soil can soften and weaken it. It can cause erosion or worse, landslides. Because these walls help properly drain water from your property, they also help keep the integrity of your soil. This way, your soil compaction will remain intact. Remember, a good drainage system guarantees that your structure will remain sturdy even after years of use.

Design Improvement

Aside from function, one of best qualities of these structures is their aesthetic appeal. You can create a more organised feel to your exterior and garden areas. They can also serve as a partition from one area to another. Furthermore, it allows you to plant different kinds of flora for your garden.

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