Pool Landscaping

4 Pool Landscaping Tips

When you decide to put a swimming pool in your yard, you’ll have the benefit of doing laps as a means of exercise. Whilst constructing it, take note of these pool landscaping tips:

Avoid Roses

Plants like roses, barberry, bougainvillaea and blackberry bushes have thorns. You can only imagine the amount of pain you’ll experience when you accidentally run into these plants. Instead of spending your afternoon sunbathing, you’ll need to nurse your wound.

Avoid Flower-Bearing Trees

Flower-bearing trees may make your yard beautiful but they’re not ideal to put there when you also have a pool. Those plants will make a big mess as its flowers, leaves, fruits and even nuts will fall into your pool. That means you’re going to spend a lot of time cleaning the water.

Consult Plant Nursery Staff

The employees at your nearest plant nursery are there for a reason. You must consult with them regarding the best plants to put around your swimming pool. There’s no doubt that they’ll give the best recommendations. Besides, the last thing they’d want to do is to harm the reputation of their plant nursery.

Avoid Plants with Invasive Roots

Whilst selecting amongst plants to put around the swimming pool, you must remember to never put trees with invasive roots. Their roots can grow to a point where they can damage the plumbing system. Leaks can happen if the piping system gets damaged. Some examples of plants with invasive roots include elm and oak trees.

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