Advantage of Screenprinting for Banners

Nowadays, there are now different printing techniques for creating a banner. One of the earliest but still mostly used techniques is called screenprinting. There are several advantages to using screenprinting for creating banners and here are three advantages that are worth noting when using this method for making banners.

Boldness of the design

Perhaps the best known advantage of using screenprinting is the richness of the font and image colors. Only screenprinting can achieve a bold coloration of the design as the colors are concentration on the cloth mainly because of how the process goes. The ink is pushed repeatedly with enough force throughout the cloth until the design is fully printed on it. Regardless of the complexity of the design, professionally done banners that make use of this technique are well assured of bright and colorful results.


Durability and maintenance

Another known benefit of availing the service of  screenprinting Perth to produce banners is its durability as well as how easy it is to clean up. The cloths used as banners for screenprinting are not the usual, ordinary cloth. These are quite thick and are assured to make it through tough weather conditions without easily showing tears or even fading of the ink colors. Should these banners become dirty from being long displayed out in the open or has accumulated dust from being kept for too long, they can be easily washed either by hand or using a washing machine, given an ample enough time to dry naturally under the sun or by using a dryer, it will be then good as new. This is perfect for banners that have to be used repeatedly as this will also help in cutting costs meant for investing in banners.

Special inks make designs last longer

The advancement of today’s technology has led to a bigger and better ways of producing banners using screenprinting. Special printer inks are now available which can help designs last longer than ever before on the cloths they are printed on and an example of which is the UV screen ink. A UV screen ink is one of the commonly used special inks nowadays for a number of reasons including its ability to neither clog the printer nor leave blobs on the screen when the design is printed plus its end result are perfectly shaded with vibrant colors compared with commercial inks. There are possibly a lot more inks to choose from in making a screen printed banner, all a client simply has to do is ask the printing service on what other inks are available to choose from.