Advantages and Disadvantages of Open and Close Kitchens

Most individuals don’t have the same preferences. Most of them either contradict with their friends or family. When it comes to household area, some people prefer close kitchens while others prefer the open ones. These two types of kitchen arrangements have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the benefits of having a close kitchen and open kitchen type.

Advantages of Close Kitchens

  • More privacy: when someone cooks, there are times when he or she makes messes. If there are any guests, this is not a good thing. A close kitchen is a kitchen type that is enclosed by a wall that people in the living room or dining room cannot see. If you are always in a rush and makes a lot of messes when cooking, then this would be great for you.
  • Contains the bad odor: in a kitchen area, the smell of garbage and rotten food can be noted. If you have a close kitchen, you can contain this smell so your family or guest won’t be able to complain and get irritated.
  • Easy and Quick Cooking: cooking is a tiring job that requires full attention. To concentrate and avoid too much distraction from other people, close kitchen is a must.

Disadvantages of Close Kitchens

  • Less interaction: this is a common problem to close kitchen. If guests are present, of course entertaining them is a priority. Because of this arrangement, it either prevents you from entertaining them or you need to double your effort in entertaining them and cooking.
  • Difficult access to dining table: if you joggle cooking and setting the table, it’s going to drain your energy.

Advantages of Open Kitchens

  • More space: the walls that are place in a close kitchen consume too much space. With open kitchen, it’s easier to move around the kitchen area.
  • Better entertainment: you can accommodate the guest properly and at the same time do your cooking job. This type allows you to interact with them more.
  • Better lighting: since it is an open space and no wall covering, more sunlight comes. The better the lighting the better the quality of your kitchen area. Lighting enhances the style and color of the kitchen making it more appealing.

Disadvantages of Open Kitchens

  • No barrier: rotten food and other unwanted smell can spread all over the house and irritate the guest and family. Since there are no more walls to contain it, it’s going to be a problem if you don’t clean and throw it right away.
  • No privacy: when cooking, food messes and garbage aren’t always thrown right away because of the need to attend to cooking always. Guest would be disappointed to you if this happens.
  • More noise: since it’s an open space, noise from kitchenwares and cooking travel faster.

Choosing between the two of them is really hard especially when both are in par with each other. It’s up to the owner what’s best for her or for him.