Advantages of Having an HVRAS

Owning a trailer is a kind luxury not many can afford. And part of having this under your name also means being responsible for its care and maintenance. And if you’ve come to a point in your life where you’re ready to sell your caravan or other types of trailers, you’re going need a Heavy Vehicle Assessment Scheme (HVRAS). This kind of certificate is issued to someone who currently owns a 4.5-tonne trailer.



The objective of this is to make sure the vehicle complies with the dimensional limitations, safe tyre limits and identifiers.

Here are the advantages of having this certification:


When you drive a vehicle with trailers, you need to a registration permit for it to run on the road without hassle. If these huge vans don’t comply with the specifications set by Australian law, you will be penalised if you insist on driving it.

Aside from that, having it thoroughly inspected by professionals helps decrease the chances of road accidents. And when it comes to selling your heavy vehicle, it’s not just the safety of your potential buyer you should worry about, but also everyone who is going to board it. Getting the right certification will clear your doubts and assure the safety of your buyers.

Transfer of Ownership

You wouldn’t be allowed to sell your caravan or transfer it to your buyer’s name unless you have this legal document.

And if you’re a fan of pre-loved trailers, you wouldn’t want to buy something that isn’t in excellent condition, right?


Every customer would think that you’re only saying your vehicle is in excellent shape because of the money. But if you have this document, you and your buyers will be assured that the caravan you’re selling is roadworthy.

A sceptical buyer would assume that you’re only saying that your vehicle is in great shape because you want to sell it at a high price. You can prove them wrong by having it checked by experts and acquiring an HVRAS from ACE Mobile Safety Certificates. Visit their website and book a schedule today!

Whether you’re selling or buying a caravan or any form of a trailer, you need to get the appropriate documents. Visit the website of ACE Mobile Safety Certificates and get it today!