Advantages of Hole in One Insurance

A hole in one insurance on the golfing course is actually excellent. It provides a big impact which somehow boost the energy and life of the day. Additionally, it is as well a great means to jot the numbers at your preferred clubhouse. A lot of golf players would happily provide free drinks to other golf players as an honor of complementing a hole in one to their course statistics. Nonetheless, there is basically one entity who might never witness an ace even in a very positive light, and that is known to be the tournament chair. It is actually an excellent way to broaden the playing field and build authority for your event if a ten thousand dollar or a free vehicle for a hole in one insurance is offered.

A lot of tournament sponsors provide those prizes as they commonly think that no one will really shot the ball inside the cup in just one shot. At the end of the day, the chances for a regular golf player to hit the ace is more likely just one in every 12,500 tries and even the professional golf players have one in about 2,500 chance. Even though this is what they know, still the truth is that even with the given chances, playing a golf without a hole in one insurance is like playing with blaze. It is still very nice to hear that if you are playing with a hole in one insurance, you get to have more determination to hit the ace in one shot. So this article will share to you some ideas about the advantages of offering hole in one insurance during your special tournament event such as a tournament for charity.


• Nominal premium costs – since amateur golf players have a very small chance of hitting the ace in just one shot, then you can definitely assure that you would benefit from the hole in one insurance. Most premiums usually cost just two hundred dollars.

• You can surely generate money – when your offer a hole in one insurance, a lot of golf players would surely participate. Therefore, they put in an amount just to be able to play and participate in the tournament. This amount paid by golf players can be accumulated and could then be used as a payment for the hole in one insurance reward or can be utilized to even add more prizes.

• There will be no risks, just prizes – whenever you acknowledge all factors, buying a hole in one insurance is definitely a good idea for your event or golf charity tournament. Again, since a lot of golf players are aiming to participate in the tournament to be capable of winning the hole in one prize, then you could surely generate more money. So even when someone hits the ace in just one shot, you can happily provide the reward and even attract more and more golf players. So you see, you can surely benefit from the hole in one insurance and you will never lose.