Basics of Video Production

Before you create a video production, you first need to know the fundamentals. Knowing these things can help you achieve exactly what you want to get out of the production.

  • Keep it simple

Do not complicate things on your video. If you want to send an important message across, make it simple and straightforward. Usually, videos that are overly complicated may just send confusion to viewers. Make sure that you give emphasis to the message you want to send across and not on anything else.

It is easy to confuse viewers. So, make sure you avoid this from happening. Be direct to the point and make sure that you give emphasis only to things important and necessary.

  • Make it short and sweet

Remember, people only have limited attention span. Thus, letting them watch a long video may not be effective. Everyone has other concerns that keep them busy, leaving them with less time to spend on watching a video that takes longer than it should.

Your video should be watched from start to finish or else, you may not be able to get the complete message across. The video should be short but condensed with important information that you want your viewers to know.

  • Never read a script while shooting

You have to make it sound realistic. Using a script on the spot may not be effective, especially if the way it was delivered is obvious. The more natural the speaker speaks, the more effective and more believable it can get.

Remember, your viewers are intelligent and they know whether someone is just reading something. Have the actor memorise the script beforehand and train him or how on how it should be delivered. Be open to impromptu lines as long as they are suitable for the intended goal of the production. Remember, verbatim reading can just send an impression that the artist is doing what he or she is doing because he or she is getting paid or assigned to do the task. The more heartfelt and candid the delivery sounds, the better.

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