Intercom Systems for Your Home

The 3 Best Intercom Systems for Your Home

Intercom systems make it easy for you to safeguard your most important asset – your home.

These automated devices are installed either inside or outside the house in multiple receiving systems that can be connected to your smartphone and rely on internet protocol (IP) where data is sent from one source to another.

Intercom Systems

With the use of this system, you can view which people are at your front door or the perimeter of your home all day whilst you do other tasks and chores.

Video Monitoring

Intercom Systems

A video monitoring system is one best way to keep track on your house when you’re away or on an overseas trip. This makes it so easy to watch over the house without having to rely on someone to check on it from time to time whilst you’re gone.

All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection, and you’ll receive notifications on what’s going on in your property and be able to keep a video record of what’s captured on the camera for monitoring purposes.

It’s also good to note that you can’t do video recording with your regular doorbell, for instance, which this innovation can do.

Home Automation

A smart home is not new. In addition to what you’ve seen on the internet and on TV, there’s now a modernised version of locking your doors, controlling room temperature and switching lights on or off with the use of your own phone.

Time-limited passcodes are installed at door entry, whilst the lights and garage doors open and close via your command. This system picks up on the routine that you set, but you can quickly adjust the settings as often as you wish.

Alarm Systems

Prevent accidental fires with the use of an alarm and intercom system rolled into one. This one detects smoke and immediately sends a signal to other connected devices, therefore letting the whole system be aware of an emerging fire.

What’s more is that every person located in all rooms of the house will be informed. It’s indeed the best way to avoid major accidents from happening to your family and beloved pets.

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