Buying Shower Screens

 Bathroom should be the cleanest part of the house. This is because this is where we do what we necessarily do and having a dirty bathroom is equal to exposing yourself into diseases that can be deadly. A dirty bathroom can cause a series of deadly disease so it is a must to keep it clean and dry all the time. There are a lot of things that you can buy to keep your bathroom clean and dry; one of these many things is the shower screens. Shower screens do not just make the bathroom look clean and inviting, it also keep the other parts of the bathroom dry.



A shower screen is an important element in a bathroom because it is a must that the hot water from your shower is kept off from spilling to other parts of the bathroom. When a person takes a bath or a shower, it is inevitable that the water will spill off; to prevent this is the work of the shower screens. There are a lot of shower screen types for you to choose from if you are interested in installing one in your own bathroom. These shower screens come in a variety of designs and materials used. There are also elegant ones and there are simple ones that you can choose from. Before buying shower screens, you need to take some details into consideration.

1. How big is your bathroom?

The size of your bathroom will always matter if you plan on buying a shower screen. This is because a shower screen has different types of door suited for different sizes of bathrooms. If your bathroom is a medium size, meaning, not too spacious but not too small, the perfect door for it is a pivotal door that can open in both sides whichever is more convenient and easy. For a smaller sized bathroom, you can have the sliding door type so that you do not have to worry about the space that will be taken, but the disadvantage is the cleaning part.

2. How important is privacy for you?

Shower screens are often made with glass, this means that it is transparent and you will be seen from the outside if you are taking a shower or a bath. If it is your own bathroom, this will not be a hassle since you are sure that nobody will just walk in when you are using it. Glass shower screen can also make the bathroom bigger and it is also sophisticated make the bathroom look more elegant. On the other hand, if it is a shared bathroom and you worry about your privacy, you can have the frosted type of glass or the tinted type of glass to protect your privacy.

3. How often will you be cleaning it?

Maintaining the look of a glass shower screen can easily be done by just putting soap and wiping it off. But if you are using the frosted or the tinted glass screen, the residue from your shampoo or body wash that is spilled to it may be more visible and required daily cleaning to keep looking new and clean.