Security Screen Doors

Choose the Right Security Screen Doors for Your Needs

Additional protection to your home is always ideal. Aside from locks, security systems and cameras, what else can you use to fortify your premises? Well, you can install security screen doors to enjoy the outdoor breeze, while still upholding security measures. Read on if you are wondering how to choose the best one for you:

Know What You Need

Determine how you want to use your screen door. Are you looking for one for ventilation purposes? How about something to keep the breeze coming in but still prevent bugs from invading your space? Moreover, consider how members of your family can use it.

Hinged or Sliding?

Pick something that can be useful for your daily use. On one hand, hinged doors, or those are either pushed or pulled, can be convenient if you are always in a hurry. On the other hand, sliding doors might require more effort to use, but they can make your home secured from burglars.


Security screen doors are usually made of aluminium, steel and wrought iron. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these. Wrought iron doors are heavier and are not suitable for families with little children. Those with grilles can let air circulate through your home, but it cannot keep the bugs out. You can opt for a wire mesh door instead of those with grilles.

Safety Standards

Make sure that your door meets safety standards set in Australia. Companies that are authorised to manufacture and install these fixtures are given certifications. Avail services from licensed contractors.


Just because these materials are useful does not mean they should look boring. Grilles can be bent and shaped to create attractive designs. If you opt for one made with wire mesh, keeping it simple can make your door look more elegant.

You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for security measures. Add another layer of security to your home to have peace of mind. Get in touch with On Time Blinds for more information.