Choosing The Best Window Shutter

Shutters are often used on homes in order to increase the aesthetics of the home. Many people install them not for their functional value but rather to make their home look more homey and appealing to people peering in. These shutters which are used for purely decorative reasons are often just that, decorative. They fix externally to the windows but have no function whatsoever and do not operate at all.

Shutters and I mean real, functioning shutters offer aesthetic value as well as functional value to your home. Functional shutters offer a degree of light control; protection from the elements as well as some much needed and appreciated privacy. These shutters are hinged to either side of the window, on the external face. They have the ability to swing open and closed and the louvers move into an open and closed position.

There are a variety of options to take into consideration when selecting shutters for your home. Natural wood is an excellent finish and probably more costly than the look-alike wood shutters. The downside to natural wood shutters is the fact that they are prone to degradation through weather and the elements and of course they do attract bugs that live off the wood. The look-alike wood shutters probably offer the most value for money. While offering a similar appearance to the natural wood options, they are also sturdier and less likely to be worn quickly by being subjected to the elements and of course they will not attract wood eating bugs.

Besides the selection of materials used, designs also differ and offer different degrees of functionality.

Louvered shutters provide protection and privacy while adding to the aesthetic beauty of your home. This design gives your home a warm, cosy and inviting look. Element and light control are also effectively carried out by using this style shutter.

Planked shutters are basically put together using plank board. The options on design are plentiful with the boards easily assembled in different patterns. These shutters offer privacy and protection.

Raised panel shutters are probably the most decorative of all and also offer a variety of designs within this group. Arches and louvers are often incorporated into these shutters, as well as custom cutouts. Privacy, protection, light and element control are the aim of these shutters. Obviously, aesthetics plays an important role when selecting these shutters.

Board and batten style shutters offer functional as well as aesthetic value to your home. They have often been used for protection during heavy storms. They are easily used in different style homes. They offer the same protection and privacy as other options and are visually appealing.

Whether you install shutters for decorative or functional purposes, you will be spoiled for choice when deciding on what style and design suits your home and needs. Explore all the options on the market and select something that will enhance your home.