Corporate Events

Commissioning an Ice Sculpture for Corporate Events

Many think that getting an ice sculpture for your corporate event is a waste of good money. There’s a lot more to these things than just being cold crystalline structures. The presence of an ice sculpture boosts your guests’ interests and is definitely a good icebreaker. However, there are a lot of misconceptions with these creations.

The first concern about getting an ice sculpture is its longevity. While people see that the ice they use for their whiskey melts only after a few minutes, they also assume it will be the same thing for these frozen creations. The fact of the matter is that these are made with extra pure water crystal that takes longer to melt. Unless they are put in high heat environments, these frozen sculptures can last between 6 to 8 hours indoors at normal room temperature. During outdoor events, it will depend on the season and climate. Summer months make this a lot shorter because of direct sunlight and elements, while winter can help it last longer.

Then there’s the issue of design. An artist can do any design that you want. Having an oriental themed party? Get yourself some dragons’ sculpture where you can put the hors d’oevres. If it’s a child-oriented event, you might want some Disney sculptures. If it’s a fancy dinner with the corporate VIPs and the investors, a good touch is to have seafood on top of an ice pedestal while having the drinks on a table.

Commissioning an ice sculpture set for your corporate event is one way to add flair to your party. These beautiful creations are a way to break the ice among your audience and allow them to mingle with each other. Good food, flowing drinks and gorgeous icy creations can bring the wow factor. It’s definitely a great way to make the whole thing memorable in the eyes of your visitors.