Different Ways of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets became popular since the story of Aladdin who has a magic carpet. Tracing back our history, carpets were only woven for royalties. Ordinary people, ethnic tribes, and merchants weaved for a living and sold them to royalties and rich individuals. As time goes by, carpets evolved from curtains to wall designs to table coverings and floor coverings or rug.

Purchasing a carpet is a good idea especially to have a cozy feels in the house, office or any establishment. There are varieties of carpets to choose from: Woven, Needle felt, Knotted, Tufted and many more. But before purchasing, make sure that the money you have paid is worth it. Check for its quality, the handwork, design and strength of materials used. Better to purchase an expensive carpet with good quality than buying a cheap one but is damaged easily.To maintain its unique features, you have to take good care of it. Certain measures have to be done. Specific process of cleaning differs from the type of carpet used.

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Woven carpets are the best. Professionals consider this type durable compared to others. You will know it is woven when its design is same in the front and back. Known to its indestructible and sustainable quality, this rug is more popular and many people opt to buy this. Weavers recommend not to vacuum woven carpets too much, if you do, use a canister vacuum  and set the beater high for less abrasion. Vacuum from side to side. Another is to just sweeping the wool with a carpet sweeper. It is also advised  to vacuum the back part of the carpet at least once a year to remove embedded dirt that causes fiber wear. Try not to place a plant on the carpet because it will cause dirt build-up.

Tufted rugs are the easiest carpets to make no wonder most of these are low in quality. How would you know it is a tufted rug? Check the back part, if you see a canvas or a burlap then that’s it. Heavy vacuuming is a no-no! This will cause breaking off of fibers or pulling off of the mesh scrim foundation. A canister can be used or electric sweeper and dust the carpet as frequently as possible. These rugs actually need frequent cleaning because soil build-up is more likely to happen to this type of carpet.

Hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning are also effective ways to keep your carpet dust-free. Hot water extraction involves spraying or injecting hot water on the carpet together with other cleaning detergents. This process can either be portable or truck-mounted. Most carpet manufacturers recommend this because hot water equipment work well with killing harmful bacteria. While dry carpet cleaning rely on dry compounds and application methods that allow for faster drying time. A dry foam can be sprayed all over the carpet and brushed with a machine and a dry powder is a mixed solution of cleaning detergent and sprinkled in the layer of the carpet. Although badly stained carpets may not respond to this type of cleaning.