Everything You Want To Know About Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is just one of the many services a tree care company can provide. However, a lot of people have negative reactions when it comes to this particular service as they feel that this is not really a part of taking care of it.

So what is tree lopping? It can be considered as the superlative version of tree pruning or trimming. It is the process of cutting about 50% of the branches of it. Thus this is sometimes done only when there is no other choice or when the owner is ready to sacrifice the life of the trees.

Knowing that the process involved cutting almost half of the branches, there is a good chance that it will not survive. However, if the subject is already huge and sturdy, then it might indeed survive.

One thing you have to make sure though when you do tree lopping is to hire the pros. Aside from the consideration of the life of the tree, you also need to consider your own life as one will need to climb up to do it. Not only that, you also need to consider the properties that might be affected during the process. If you will hire a pro, he will know what to do right away. He will always consider safety as that is how professionals work. They never sacrifice their own safety no matter what they are dealing with.

When is the time you will resort to tree lopping?

First of all, people has two different perceptions when it comes to the process, some think that this process is beneficial while there are also those who think that this might be avoided as much as possible.

However, no matter how they look at this, there are real situations that cannot be helped and the only solution is for the tree to be lopped or to be removed altogether. Such situations are:

 As a part of landscaping. This is one of the most common reasons for one to resort to tree lopping. Most of the landscaping projects these days entail for the trees to be lopped so that they will be reshaped and can match with the look the author of the landscaping project wants. This can include cutting a lot of branches and limbs to achieve the bottom line of the contractor.

 When it is already too tall and is quite risky especially when storms will come without a warning. When it is lopped, the new emerging branches will then be trimmed so that they will not grow as they were before.

 When most part of it is already damaged because of environmental hazards like maybe it is hit by lightning and so on. For it to still be useful, the dead parts will be lopped.

Indeed, it might be negatively perceived by some people but there are really times when it is the only solution.