Features of Connelly Water Skis

 Many people enjoy water sports such as water ski. But no one wants to be challenged with trying to get up and stay up. If you buy Connelly water skis products, you will experience that the skis are made with tough but light materials which make water skiing easier especially for beginners. The beginners are advanced water skiers will feel how easy it is to maneuver the skis if you use Connelly water skis products. Listed below are some of the models of Connelly waters skis that you can order online:

Connelly-Cayman-water ski-adjustable bindings

This product of Connelly water skis is the perfect choice for beginners. It is built with an added surface area so new skiers can learn the correct technique in maneuvering and controlling the ski. Beginners are still challenged with balance and this product will help them learn how to balance themselves. This is because the ski is built with a wider body so the beginners can easily learn how to stand up and remain in upright position and have more fun in the water. The wide body provides mores support so beginners can learn to stand up and balance and make aggressive turns. It is built with adjustable bindings to accommodate any foot size. The Connelly waters skis have beautiful and shiny finishing.

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Connelly quantum combo water skis 68in with bindings

This is a combo pair of skis designed to be used by adults. It can also be used by the first-time skiers as the length is made a little longer as compared to standard water skis and the width is a little larger. This brand of Connelly water skis is made with narrow tunnels that give balance and stability while doing turns. The heel slide bindings are adjustable to accommodate any foot size.

Connelly eclypse combo water skis 67in with bindings

This is also a combo pair of skis designed for experienced water skiers. This Connelly water skis belong to the high end models which can be used as a pair or the rider can take the one ski on a slalom ride. It is made with wider front for easy start. The design of this water ski will also enable the rider to move at a slower pace. It comes with neoprene bindings that can be adjusted both forward and backward. For increased speed, it is also equipped with metal fin. Whether you are a beginner or experienced water skier, Connelly water ski gears are safe and they are available in array of models.