Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pools Builders: Things to Watch Out

With the numerous benefits fibreglass pools bring to homeowners such as low algae growth, safer flooring and minimum maintenance, it’s no wonder why it’s growing more popular each year.

The key to being able to enjoy the benefits it brings, you need to make sure you hire a trusted, reputable and experienced company for the job.

Remember, there numerous businesses that advertise the same level of service online. Therefore, it’s your job to make sure you invest in the right one.

Dubious contact details

Always check the validity of the contact details posted on a company website. Call their cell phone and telephone numbers to check if it’s working. You can even go as far as visit the actual site of their physical store.

Unable to provide you with the following:

Contact References

It’s impossible for a company that provides quality work not have any contact references. Aside from that, professional builders aren’t afraid of feedback, good or bad. Therefore, if a company refuses to provide you with contact details, it may be because their work isn’t as good as they advertise it to be.


It’s enough that you’re provided with an insurance, consider also the scope of it and if it’s explained to your properly.


If you want the quality service, always go for licensed builders. That’s because a licence guarantees they went through proper training to become qualified for the job.

Online Reviews

People are often braver in voicing out their opinions online. Therefore, look for written reviews or testimonies regarding the fibreglass pool builders you’re planning to hire. A company that doesn’t have any reviews are often dubious or likely to produce substandard works that can compromise the pool that you want to install.

Before you invest in something as big as fibreglass pools, always make sure you hire services from the right company. Visit My Fibreglass Pool Easy’s website and have your quotation done today!