Fixing Blocked Drains

Having a functional drainage in the kitchen and in the bathroom is something that we really want since this makes everything really easy and we get to enjoy the use of our kitchen and bathroom. A blocked drainage is an issue that we never ever want to face because of all the hassle it brings just like not being to wash the dishes properly or not being able to take a shower because the water is pooling on our feet. Blocked drainage should be solved as soon as possible so that it will not cause further delays to our household chores and other responsibilities.

A blocked drainage can sometimes be fixed all by yourself if you just know the ways on how to do it. There are several ways on how to fix blocked drainage and these ways do not really require a lot or too much and the best part of it is that the tools needed for the solution to be done are usually just found in the house as well. The tools are just very common like a wire that can be formed into a hook, baking soda, borax, hot water and many other elements that could take on what is blocking the drainage.

Here are some of the ways on how you can solve blocked drainage.


1. Hot water.

Boil a good amount of water in a kettle and pour it on the blocked drainage. Sometimes, this very technique really do work because the hot water will melt whatever is blocking the drainage or make it slide down the drain. Just make sure that you have boiled enough water for the solid material that is blocking the drainage to be pushed through by the very hot water that you have boiled. a full kettle or a half kettle of water will be good but to make sure, you just go for the full water kettle so that you will not have to boil another one when the half kettle is not enough.

2. Wire hook.

Other people choose to take out whatever it is that is blocking the drainage by using a wire and forming it into a hook. There are wires that are easily manipulated and be formed into something just like a hook. This is the kind of wire that you need, or you can use that simple wire hanger hanging in your closet to form into a hook, a J like shape. The hook will be the one that will be plunged into the drainage and push or take out whatever it is that is causing the drainage not to function. This is one of the most effective ways on taking the solid material out.

3. Plunger.

Plunger is also one useful thing in fixing a blocked drainage. The plunger will suck out air or the water from the drainage along with whatever is blocking it. Just make sure that you wait for the water to be all drained out before using the plunger because if not, things will really get messy.

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