Framing Tips During Video Production

Creating great images in a video production is a function of a carefully thought shots made by a videographer. It can determine how your viewers interpret your images and their likability.

Let’s look at some tips that can lead to a great interpretation of your video production through framing.

First, you should put some thoughts and planning onto how you want your shots to be composed. Never forget that a great shot induces one’s mood of the scene. You surely do want to grab viewers’ attention to your video production too.


It is the tendency of most camera guys to position your position of focus at the center of the screen. However, there is the Rule of Thirds positioning that offers a compelling picture by acting as guideline to better positioning of your subject within the frame. But how? So the Rule of the Thirds implies that your main shot subject ought to fall on one of the imaginary lines i.e. the imaginary lines are formed by two horizontal and vertical lines divided into thirds by your viewfinder. This produces a much stronger image compared to that of a dead center focus on the screen.

Ensuring that your subjects eye is the main focal point during video production also strengthens your image.

When framing your subject, consider the headroom which is the amount of space between the top of the frame and your subjects head. The space should be in a way that it is neither too much nor too small. Too much space will make you image appear as sinking in a quicksand and too little a space appears lack the head is in danger of bumping.

Similarly, there is the look room where your subject’s space is also strategically positioned in front of his/her face, so as not to appear too confined when enough space is not allowed. How you position your camera toward your subject’s space is also determined by the angle. For instance, if your subject is looking directly toward the camera, the look room will be small.

Can you imagine that your image could simply cause problem if you do not check your background? Some of the background such as trees, pictured walls, or lampposts, visibly distracting your subject either directly or indirectly. Background objects can also hinder you from achieving the look room shot and interrupt the balance of accomplishing the Rule of Thirds.

Use these above tips to make great image compilation for a great video production.