Great Swag will Bring in More Money

Every business exists to make money and to turn a good profit. Non-profit organizations are not commercial business because they do not turn a profit, but they do a lot of fund raising to support their organizations. Commercial businesses and Non-profit organizations can both equally benefit from great business promotional products that are more commonly known as swag because they both need a lot of promotions to get new business and donations. Customers and clients have to know a company exists in order to do business with them or to support their active cause.

Great business promotional products can get your company or organization name out into the public with every little work on the company’s or organization’s part. Easiest tried and true way to get your own business promotional products or swag out of your store room and into the public’s hands is to hold an event and invite the public in for free. Everyone loves to attend a free event, and the business can sell food and drinks or give them away. Nonprofit organizations can charge even more for their food and drink and label it as fund raising for the cause. The company or organization should give every guest a raffle ticket, and maybe sell some additional ones to people for more chances to win. A company or organization that is selling the raffle tickets should invest in a high ticket item, like a Smart TV, in addition to giving away a lot of your business promotional products or swag. The company or organization will get a better response for more creative and unique types of swag. There are online companies that specialize in putting your company or organizations name and number on pretty much anything material.

Most companies and organizations use the same basic promotional products like pens, lanyards, notepads, and business cards. The company or organization should be inventive with their swag, but try to find swag that relates to what they do somehow. A chip making company that gives away bag clips will have a great swag item that reminds customers to by their chips when the bag clip is empty and all the chips are gone. A bottle opener with a beer company can be a beer drinker’s favorite item, especially if it features their favorite type of beer. A football shaped magnet would be great for a sports related company around football season. Nonprofit organizations should give out the swag ribbon magnets at their events, or even sell them for a couple of dollars, because the ribbons have become a way to show a person’s love and support of a cause and increase awareness about the type of cause the colored ribbon represents.