How Steam Cleaning Works

©www.bedbug911.com  Steam cleaning is applicable to almost anything that is not sensitive to heat. It is therefore to be used with caution on painted surfaces, plastic laminated materials like MDF, particle board and varnished wood. It also has a potential to ruin delicate fabric. Other than that, steam works wonderfully within a short period of time. And it’s environmentally friendly as well unlike synthetic chemicals.

Being a simple and yet, very effective device, a steam cleaner’s beauty is in its simplicity.

To start with, it only has three major components; A water tank, a heating element and a pipe nozzle. It works through a four step process:

1. Water in the reservoir is electronically heated. It then boils and later, it is converted into hot gas.

2. Water vapor rises through the attached pipe and exits through the nozzle.

3. The nozzle is pointed at the target area (tile grout, drain, etc.) and hot steam is blown at it.

4. Steam dislodges grease and dirt and all it takes is a clean cloth to wipe it clean. And since steam is concentrated high temperature water vapor, it easily kills germs that it comes into contact with.

With steam being very effective, it is difficult to understand why people will need to invent harsh chemicals and other tools to replace it. To add insult, those alternative chemicals rarely outperform the original method- steam cleaning.

Chemical components cleaning liquids are often not freely available, expensive and oftentimes, harmful to the environment. When it comes into contact with the surface, it can dry up and attract dirt that will stick in it. The same happens when cleaning agents are not properly rinsed off. In tire mag wheels for instance, dried cleaning agents can get stuck in the crevice where the tire is bolted into the under chassis of the car. As soon as it dries up, it becomes a part of the tough grease and dirt that builds up over time. Instead of cleaning the mag wheels, cleaning agents can actually become part of dirt. It’s a good thing that steam cleaning remedies even that. Steam penetrates the hardest to reach parts of tire mag wheels and even the engine and expels the unwanted substances.

Of course, steam cleaning has its limitations and people needs to be aware of it. There are items like delicate fabric that might actually be ruined by the hot water vapor so other methods need to be used instead. Contact steam cleaning Melbourne for more information.