How to Choose the Right Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashback is a surface on your kitchen wall, built and designed to protect the walls greasy marks, splatter and water. Though splashbacks serve a basic task, it can also make a big difference towards how your kitchen looks like. There are different types of spalshbacks that can be installed in your kitchen, depending on the material, color, design and finishes and they can also be ordered in standard sizes or custom made. With these choices, you may find yourself wondering how you would be able to come up with the right kitchen splashbacks. Below are some of the things that you may want to consider in choosing the right splashback.

1) Budget. First of all, you have to determine how much would be your budget. Glass and stainless steel are materials for splashbacks that are quite expensive, so if you are eying for these materials, make sure that you have enough budget for it. The cost of tiles is somewhat flexible, and it can be used for smallest and largest budget, while acrylic is relatively cheap. You also need to determine if you want your splashbacks custom made or standard, because it will also add up to the cost.




2) Physical appearance. Now that you have worked on your budget, then it’s time for you to decide what kind and color of splashback will look good on your kitchen. You may think that this is not that important, however, you never know, color may just be something that will make your kitchen lovelier that it already is. Glass splashbacks are color-friendly in particular, but if you are really after the aesthetic effect, you can never go wrong with tiles.

3) Maintenance. This is also important, because in the long run, it’s not only the appearance that your splashbacks will serve, but its basic purpose – that is to protect your walls from grease marks and other splatters. There are different maintenance requirements for different splasbacks depending on the material, so you also have to consider the long term responsibility that you will have in maintaining your splashbacks.

Kitchen is one of the most important features of your home. This is where you prepare your food, and so it should be clean and conducive to cooking and any other activity that involves food. Simply choosing the right kind of splashback for your kitchen will make a whole lot of difference.