How To Clean Polished Concrete Floors

Cleaning polished concrete floors is not as tedious as any other flooring, as long as you know the dos and don’ts in cleaning them. The high quality polished concrete flooring from Victoria are often applied with a protective sealant that needs to be considered when cleaning them.

A polished concrete floors need not be applied with chemicals and other solutions when cleaning them. The said protective sealant alone acts as a protection to the floor itself, thus making it a non stick area, a non stick surface, a non stick floor.

A few ways or materials that you can use to clean your Polished Concrete Floors are as follows:

o Duster

A duster is all you need to clean your floor from dust and other small particles like such, there is not a need to use any other fancy cleaning material that you often see in the market. A simple floor duster can do the trick for a clean floor. Just make it a regular task or routine avoiding the dust to accumulate and become grime as often these dust can lead to grime when water touches it.

o Sweep

Regular sweeping, just like how you sweep any other types of flooring. Avoiding dirt and dust, pet fur and the likes to accumulate and may lead to formation of grime which damages the coating and penetrate the flooring itself, which then leads to moist and other elements to penetrate it causing more damage to the actual flooring.

o Mop

Regular mopping after sweeping and or dusting the floor, with just water, no other solutions or chemicals used. Will keep the coating in pristine condition and keep the seal in tip top shape, keeping the seal and protection of the concrete for a longer service period.

o Wipe

Wipe off stains, spills and the likes, avoid letting it sit in the floor for a long period of time as it often may cause grime which in time eats the coating or sealant of the floor, leaving cracks and damage on the coat which in the long run may cause a crack on the coating or sealant that is more than surface level, thus exposing the cement or concrete itself.

Avoid using chemicals when cleaning polished concrete floors as it may have harmful ingredients or contents that may damage the coating or sealant of polished concrete floors that may lead to more than a surface level damage exposing the concrete floor itself.