Leaking Hot Water System

How to Deal With a Leaking Hot Water System

The last thing you want to experience is seeing your basement flooded because of a leak in your hot water system. To avoid this, we listed the first steps to do when you find a leak.

  • Turn Them Off

If your heaters are leaking and creating rumbling sounds, you need to turn the valves off to stop the water supply. Often, the valves are located above the tank. Just pull these down or turn to clockwise. Before you do this, make sure that you have already closed the water supply to get into the valves safely. If the leaks don’t stop, find the house main shutoff valves and close these.

  • Determine the Location of the Leak

Check the points of the inlet and outlet pipes. Sometimes, the leak is caused by a loose connection and can be quickly fixed. However, if the leak is flowing to the pipes attached to the valves, this just means that the valves are not working properly. Also, you must also check the bottom of the tanks. Majority of problems are because of the rust and the age of the tank.

  • Seek for Help

People who want to avoid costly mistakes usually opt for a plumbing service right away. If you are experiencing leaks and don’t have any knowledge about your hot water system, might as well seek expert help. Professionals can fix your systems efficiently. This will help you save money. With this, you are sure that your system can function as it used to right away.

You also ensure that your property and family is safe. Trusting the professionals also allows you to take advantage of their insurance and service guarantee. Now, you don’t need to think of the other cost in case other problems arise.

Many companies are offering repairs for hot water systems so be wise on who you choose. Pick the one that has quality work and affordable rate just like AR Lake Plumbing & Gas Service. Contact them now for hot water systems service.