How To End Up With An Honest Car Dealer

Finding an honest person these days is like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, this is really arguable and this depends on what level of honesty is meant here. But the fact is if you are looking for an honest car dealer, you might say indeed that you are like finding that needle. We all know that it is hard for a car dealer to be honest unless he is settled for a simple life. Most car dealers aim to earn big every day and they can only do that if they can convinced a car buyer to get a car in their terms which means higher earnings for them and therefore in a legal way, they like coned the car buyer. This is why, aspiring car owners would rather go for a car financing than go directly to a car dealership.

But the thing is, if you need the car right away, car financing cannot generate that thus they have no other option but to face car dealers. Are you in the same situation? Well, you might be able to find that needle indeed if you check out these tips below:

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– One sign that you are probably talking to an honest person is if they can do negotiations on the phone. Most of the car dealers will not tolerate about this though like they will just tell you to visit their shop. If this happens, you should go look for another car dealership. If the car dealer will give a quote over the phone yet the price changes when you get to the shop, again you don’t need to settle on that and instead, you can look for another car dealership.

– If you have a friend with the same car you want to buy, you should ask him who is the car dealer as if the car dealer is with the car dealership for quite some time already and has repeat customers, then most probably he is like d as he might be doing a lot of honest deals. Besides, still nothing can beat the word of mouth recommendations.

– Be knowledgeable about the car you are planning to buy. In fact, someone says that to know if a car dealer is honest, he will try to order something that is impossible like it is not available just to check the car dealer. If he will say he can provide it, then it means he is just all talks.

– And lastly, an honest car dealer should talk about the price of the car and not on the monthly instalments. You see, when a car dealer is more focused on the monthly instalment, he is just trying to hide the fact that you will be paying more because the longer the terms, the higher the interest rates and yes, it would seem like you will be paying low since the monthly instalments will indeed decrease. But then again, you will be paying more for the car.

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