How To Take Care Of Hosta Plants

Hosta plant is every gardeners delight. The green bush requires very less maintenance after it grows. In the initial stages, some care needs to be taken, otherwise it may develop some plant disease. Taking care of hosta plants involve few simple steps which are discussed below.

First of all, select a place where you want to plant the hosta. There are important pre-requisites to plant it. First, it should be planted in a shady area and, secondly it should have a proper drainage system. However, there are some varieties of hosta which require bright sunshine, especially the one with creamy white shades. It is important to first select the hosta and plant it accordingly. Also, decide whether you want your plant to grow full length or you just need a bush. It is recommended to plant it in the ground, as the roots help to keep the weeds away. Therefore, it is beneficial if you plant it along with other trees. The best time to plant them is immediately after spring. The hosta plant cannot tolerate extreme climate. Therefore, before the commencement of winter or summer, it is better to have them planted. It will slowly get adapted to the climate changes, before the extreme weather sets in.

Soil is an important factor for any plant, and the same holds true for hosta as well. They grow well in damp soil with an acidic pH factor. You need to dig the soil up to a foot deep and mix some fertilizers to it. This will make the soil fertile, and the compost contains essential minerals and nutrients required for the growth of the plant. The next step is to plant the hosta and water them well to dampen the soil. Watering the plant is important as they cannot survive in sunlight. Water them once in a morning for hydration. You need to ensure that the soil remains moist throughout the day. You can also add mulch to the soil. The mulch helps in retaining water in the soil. This will help to keep the soil moist. The leaves will wither if the soil is left dry. The plant should be trimmed from time to time. This helps in the proper growth of the plants. Hosta plants grow fast, you can cut the plant and divide it into segment. Later, plant these segments anywhere in the garden. It requires less maintenance and grows easily. You will see slowly that there are lots of Hosta bush in your garden.

Last but not the least, protect the plants against deer and pest. Hosta leaves are a favorite food for the deer. If you have deer in your locality, plant daffodils near the edges of the fence. You can also plant some other trees, which can act as food for the deer near the fences. This will keep the deer away from the hosta plants. Also, there are chances of slugs damaging the hosta leaves. The slugs will usually make holes in the leaves making it look unhealthy. Place some sand near the plant to protect the hosta from slugs.