Video Production

The Importance of Corporate Video Production

The savvy business owner will know how important corporate video production is to the overall efficiency and effectivity of the company. Unfortunately, some people think this form of content is an unnecessary, expensive cost. What they don’t realise is that by not taking advantage of videos – both in-house and as a marketing tool – they’re giving their competitors an advantage!

How effective is it as a marketing tool?

Each day, 500 million hours’ worth of footage is watched by consumers. Businesses who take advantage of online marketing post an average of 18 videos monthly. In fact, over 85% of companies have staff dedicated to producing this type of content. This begs the question, what’s all the fuss about video production?

This form of content is the most effective when it comes to your return on investment. Businesses who take advantage of this kind of marketing increase their income at a 49% higher rate. To add to this, consumers are more likely to buy a product or opt for a service if they’ve watched a video of it on social media.

There’s no doubt about it, videos are an effective marketing tool. Outside of social media, websites that have this type of content on the landing page will see an 80% increase in conversions. Given these data and statistics, it’s safe to say that:

This form of content is the most effective marketing tool today.

A majority of businesses acknowledge this and take advantage of its efficacy.

How does it benefit my business in-house?

Training is one of the most difficult processes in employee onboarding. Not only is it expensive and time-consuming; it doesn’t really teach the staff the important aspects of the job. This is because traditional lecturing is largely ineffective when it comes to training.

Hiring a corporate video production for employee training is one of the best things you can do to optimise employee on-boarding. Say goodbye to expensive lecturers and venues. With this form of media, you only must host the lecture once.

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