Reasons to Install Rock Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve as the lateral support to vertical slopes of soil. They are positioned from the bottom up with a fixed black slope. Their purpose is to keep in place the soil known as the backfill to avoid collapsing back to its natural shape. There are various materials and design considerations in their construction. A well-received preference for this structure is rock retaining walls.

Other options for materials for retaining walls are concrete blocks, wood planks, stone veneer and bricks. The composition of materials varies so some are easier to install than other. There are also types that can stand the test of time longer and more manageable to maintain. Explore the list below and discover why retaining walls stand out from the rest.

Appearance – These walls are unique yet natural. Rocks are fairly simple but their possibilities are endless. It is totally possible to transform it into a beautiful structure. Its function can go beyond holding back soil with innovative ideas and correct execution.

Adaptable – There is freedom to work with the colour, texture and arrangement of retaining walls. In addition, they can fit like a glove in any setting such as wall height and length. Builders and designers can work their way around the structure and incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Functional – Turn things around and use this detail to create relaxing outdoor spaces. Do not turn a blind eye to what this new addition can do. With finishing touches here and there, you will be surprised at the difference it can make!

Relatively simple installation process – The only factor that might slow down the process of positioning the rocks is their weight. Whilst it is true that they could be tiring, but it will surely pay off when the job is completed. Overall, it is relatively simple. Even without mortar and the complicated locking systems, an aesthetically pleasing and strong wall can be put up.

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