Security Screens

What You Need to Know About Security Screens

Security screens are installed in windows or doors. They are built to keep homeowners safe from intruders, burglars and robbers. These structures also help keep insects and small animals outside the home. When installed in windows, it can reduce the risk of accidental falls as well.

What is the Australian standard?

Australia has one of the highest standards when it comes to this type of screen. Manufacturers must adhere to three qualifications before they can market their product. This includes:

• AS5039 for Doors and Window Grilles – This standard requires that any screen in this category should be able to resist forced entry. It also stipulates that in the event of an emergency, people inside the home will be able to vacate the premises without hassle.

• AS5040 for Installation of Doors and Window Grilles – This standard requires that all doors and windows in this category should be customised and installed properly, adhering to the guidelines set by the government.

How is the standard tested?

All products must pass a variety of tests to ensure that they pass the standards set above. These tests include:

• Dynamic Impact Test – This test measures how much force the screen can handle without breaking.

• Jemmy Test – This measures how the screen resists a lever’s force. It’s done on all hinging, fastening and locking points.

• Shear and Knife Shear Test – These two tests measure resistance from ripping or breakage using sharp materials like knives or cutters.

These are just three of the many tests done on this type of covering before manufacturers can sell their products.

What materials can be used?

For standard doors and window coverings, marine-grade steel mesh is one of the best materials to use. It resists corrosion, making it very durable. Although very thin, this material can resist a lot of force.

Other manufacturers use structural-grade stainless steel as a material – a metal known for tensile strength. Aluminium is also used for some varieties, but these are not used to secure areas. They are most commonly used for fly doors.

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