Line Markers for Various Surfaces

 Line markers are needed because the lines provide a clear demarcation between two or more areas. The lines are used in roads to separate the flow of traffic, the line markers are used in sports fields such as tennis to distinguish between in and out courts.

Line markings for hard surface

Road lines are very important as the lines are the ones that separate the flow of traffic. Also, the lines are the distinguishable markings that guide the motorists in terms of the traffic regulations like two yellow line markers indicate that no overtaking is allowed on that road. The road lines must be very visible to the motorist as well as the pedestrians to deter accidents. A machine is used to draw the lines on the roads. The machine line dispenser also has a glass beads which is essential for providing brighter lines that are very visible especially at night time. Only high quality paints must be used on hard surface to prevent easy erasure of the paints. The high quality type of paints is also durable and no constant re-painting is done. High quality paints must also be used for car park line markers. The building surveyors are the ones who perform the measurements of the slots for each car and to avoid any unnecessary re-painting, the measurements must be exact and at the same time, the use of high quality paints for line markers must be used.

Sports fields line markers

Controversial calls are resolved through lines. The lines are very important in sports as the distinction between the ins and outs are all determined by lines. It is through the lines that the referees and the umpires determine if a score must be added to a particular player or team. After each game, the line markers have to be re-painted again so as to mark clearly the distinction. This is especially true for surfaces like the clay tennis court or grass football field. But this may not be the case for some sports fields such as hard tennis courts and basketball courts. Number 1 Line Markers in Brisbane QLD.

Warehouse line markings

The epoxy material is the one that is used for lining warehouses. The epoxy has an anti-slip property so the workers are not prone to accidents. Lines are used in warehouses to distinguish which areas are for the pedestrians and which areas are used for passing of vehicles with heavy loads. Though the epoxy line markers are more expensive, but the durability factor is what it provides.