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Machine Hire: Tools to Use This Summer

Summer projects are undeniably the best part of each year. Aside from getting your hands dirty, you will surely have fun, getting to know the various tools and equipment needed to ensure the success of your project. What better way to do this than getting a machine hire, right? With these, you can easily rent the tools you need without having to store these for a long time.

Here are some tools you can use for a great summer project:

  • Wallpaper Steamer Stripper

If you are tired of flimsy old wallpapers surrounding your house, why not rent a steam wallpaper stripper? With this handy tool, you can change the colour of your room or even create a customised piece which you can stick on your walls. This is a great machine that can easily remove foil, flock, vinyl, woodchip and even multi-layered papers.

With its long-life heating element, this device can withstand long steaming times, essential for wallpaper stripping. This can accommodate both hot and cold-water systems without deforming, splitting or twisting. With this, you can achieve the room of your dreams.

  • Stihl Chainsaw

If de-stressing is your preferred way to spend summer, you can try your hand at cutting firewood. Not only can you let off some steam, you can also get some useful pieces of wood in return. Use these to decorate your place or to stave off cold during chilly nights.

This handy tool is perfect since it is lightweight. You can take this with you on long walks. With its long-life air filter system, you won’t have to worry about polluting the air with debris left from your project.

  • Kerrick Whirlaway

Tired of seeing dust, dirt and grime on your house and your pavements? If the answer is yes, try renting a Kerrick Whirlaway. This multipurpose tool is perfect for cleaning concrete surfaces, tiles, wood, sidewalks and pavements without causing damage.

Say goodbye to dirt and mould with this heavy-duty power washer. Even kids and kids at heart will have fun seeing your concrete being stripped of dirt.

Get a machine hire and avail of the tools you need. Contact Nielsen’s Hire today or click here for more details.