Maintain Your Water Heater’s Condition with These Tips

Nobody loves a cold shower in the morning, that’s why it’s important to keep the heater working. Following these maintenance tips will help you to have a tank in good condition, minimise bills and lower the risk of danger associated with leakage.

Check Your Pressure Relief Valve

To ensure that the heater is in the proper state, test the valve by raising the lever several times. If it’s working, the hot water will rush out of the drainpipe. If nothing flows through, you need to replace the valve. Also, look out for leaks when inspecting it.


Install the heater in an accessible location. Don’t stock it in the attic or basement so you can check the tank easily when problems occur.

Know How to Turn Off the Supply

Before you get involved with a dilemma, know how to shut off the water and the power supply. Look for the compression valve and turn it clockwise to turn it off, and counter clockwise to turn in back. This is important so you know the first step when there’s a fluid leakage or when you smell gas.

Burning Chamber Cleaning

Clean out the combustion chamber to prolong its life and keep it working at the right temperature. As you used the tank for years, debris and lot of dirt will stick to the furnace.

Checking the Gas Water Heater’s Vent

Poor venting may be one of the reasons why your system malfunctioned. Aside from burning inefficiently, it’s also dangerous since the burner release carbon monoxide.

Though water heaters are built to withstand everyday use, you still need proper maintenance to prolong its life. However, if you think that your water system has already problems, get them checked and repair by gas hot water system. They’re just one call away.