Maintenance Tips for Timber Flooring

Timber flooring provides many benefits for your home. For homeowners, installing wooden floors can increase the kerb value (appeal for buyers) of their home. Experts say just installing wooden floor is enough to increase the value of your house. The unsurpassed aesthetic value of timber flooring, as well as its many advantages, make this type a common feature in many homes.

But this flooring type may need extra care. Whilst it is more durable and sturdy than its counterparts, it still needs to be broomed, dusted, vacuumed and buffed to maintain its showroom shine. Here are some tips to make sure your floors are well taken care of.

Clean and polish regularly – According to experts, you need to set flooring maintenance schedule such that you can sweep and dust it daily, vacuum it weekly, and deep cleaning using recommended flooring cleaner monthly. You can also give it a maintenance coat for every 3-5 years and have it sanded and refinished in every 10 years.

Use only cleaning products for timber – Using cleaning agents for tiles and vinyl can cause to wooden floors can make it appear dull faster and slippery.

Use throw rugs at doorways – The dirt, dust, debris and other pollutants from the outdoors can damage your floor even if it is cleaned daily. These sand, dirt and debris can scratch the surface of the floor, making it dull for some time.

Whenever possible, keep your outdoor shoes and footwear off your timber flooring – Instead, use slippers and flip-flops for indoor use to avoid bringing in the dirt, mud and other substances outdoors.

Do not use damp mop in cleaning – Using wet and steam mops can make the timber flooring look dull and can cause damage to wood.

Dry spills immediately – Water and other liquid substances can penetrate the wood and can lead to damages.

Avoid over-waxing – Wax, like other liquid materials, can cause damage to timber. Also, avoid the build-up of wax under furniture and other areas where there is light traffic as they can result in ugly spots.

Timber flooring is a wonderful feature in any home. Just make sure to keep it clean and well-maintained to keep it shining for years. If you don’t have yet, call timber flooring company Cronulla and check out their products.