Making A Smoothie

During summer time, almost all of us wants to drink smoothies or eat ice cream to ease the hotness or warmness of our surrounding and give us comfort. Smoothies are one of the easiest drinks to prepare and it is a very refreshing drink that you can do whatever it takes just for you to be able to have one. Smoothie recipes are not just to refresh ourselves but also to give us nutrients and health benefits. There are a lot of health benefits that fresh smoothies give to our body that is why most people want this drink to go with their breakfast meal.

Start with what fruit you will be making into a smoothie. 

There are a lot of fruits that you can choose from when you want to have a smoothie. If you do not have enough budget for a better type of fruit, banana smoothie or coconut smoothie is already good enough since these two fruits already have so much to offer. Plus turning them into a smoothie would be great because of the fact that they will taste better. If you have enough budget for a strawberry smoothie, mango, peach, or any other fruits that is more expensive then you can have those as well. Besides, each fruit contains different vitamins and nutrients that are all beneficial to the body and give so much addition to your good health.

Grind them into into the blender. 

After deciding on what fruit to use, wash and clean the fruit first. Peel it if there is a need and put it into the blender for blending and grinding. You can add as much fruit as you want as long as the water and the other ingredients are still sufficient to balance the taste of your smoothie. Plus, having more fruits is better than having other ingredients. It will surely taste better and more natural when there is more fruit than then other ingredients.

Add the liquid ingredients. 

You can add water if you want but most smoothie are added with skim milk or soy milk depends on what you think is better. Water is just okay so that the blended fruit will not be as thick but milk will work a lot better because of the nutrients that it contains as well. There are also many nutrients that you can get from milk so if you can have milk as a liquid ingredient then might as well have it and do away with water.

Add all the other ingredients and mix them into the blender. 

You can now add some sweeterner for your smoothie like liquid sugar or powedered sugar. This will give the smoothie a better taste. Add in the crashed ice enough for the mixture not to be too thick and enough for the mixture to have a balance taste. Do not add too much of crashed ice because it might taste dull and you may have to add in more ingredients. Blend the mix and until it looks fine to you. Garnish and serve.