5 Movies Where Photo Booths Appear

Aside from being the centre of attraction in every event, photo booths also steal the limelight in some major films. Here are some:

Photo Booth (2012)

Directed by Michael Noona, Photo Booth is a film about three soldiers that come across an abandoned photo booth in the middle of the dessert. When they enter, they realise that the booth carries a strange and disturbing message for each of them. This film won the 3rd place in the Tropicana Short Film Festival in 2012.


Amelie is a French romantic comedy film about a naive girl and how she discovers love. The story revolves when she tries to enrich the lives of those people around her. From getting close to her rude neighbour, up to discovering the mystery of photo booth, Amelie never fails to capture people in her own ways. This won Best Film at European Film Awards.

Peep Show

Peep Show is a film about a man, a woman, and a photo booth. When a young man receives a personal ad from someone, he goes to a photo booth to take a picture and respond to the ad, however, after many trials, the machine repeatedly releases a picture with a female image.

Buffalo ’66

When the protagonist, Billy Brown, has been released from prison after being framed for fraud, he kidnaps a teenage ballet student to pass her off as his wife to his parents. But when he is going to let the girl go and just killed the man who framed him, Billy and the girl faced something they have never imagined.

A Lot of Love

On a flight from Los Angeles to New York, Oliver meets Emily and make a connection. Only to find out that they are poorly suited for each other. But after seven years, the two reunited again. Will this be love or will the two continue to be acquaintance?