Names for Objects

Names are the most effective way for us to distinguish the things that we have. That’s why almost everybody has unique names, to avoid confusion. Not only people, but the things we made also have unique names, usually named after the material they are made of like iron armor, telling us that it is an armor made of iron. Everybody has a right about the uniqueness of names, some even to go to the point that they somehow “own” them. For example when someone names a product they are selling, they would have to create a unique name and copyright them, to make sure that them and only them are able to use that name freely. Even companies nowadays have distinct product names. Their products, even if they are the same as the products the other companies are selling, their products are different by the name of their products. This is what keeps people buying from one to another, but making people remember which products is from which company makes it difficult for the people.


Similar products from different companies without a proper way to differentiate them would cause confusion. Especially products that look the same, serve the same purpose, and do the same thing. Products such as water and candles. Water being sold can be differentiated by simply looking at what their container looks like. Candles from different companies, however, are a different story. In addition to serving the same purpose and memorizing what connects with what, they also look the same; this is one of the reasons why companies that sell candles or manufacture them make a distinct name for their product. This is to avoid confusion on which one is which.

The label on candles is un-creatively named as candle labels are very useful to tell the difference from the candles that you usually buy and new types or examples of candles. The size and surface area of the candles support the label placed on any candle, like when someone buys a lot of things we be more likely to buy the candle by its design. The design on the candle labels actually help the selling progress of the product they’re selling, or just to impress and dominate any enemy hero. We don’t use this thing to often but is implied that which show them that we can used it for candles. A few people would put these to good use, but they all are just using it to find out the set of candles somewhere over the house, or just arranging the candles you need for a funeral, a group oath, or a blessing. Labels also help you to remember which similar product is the best out of the bunch. In short, candle labels are a way for the company to sell more, it is a method for remembering which on was the best, or remembers something at all.