Car Inspection

Why Do I Need an NRMA Car Inspection?

NRMA car inspection is a wellness check for vehicles. Professionals do tests that meet the guidelines of the National Roads and Motorists’ Association. It’s a necessary step before buying used cars, to ensure they’re still in proper working order.

Why do I need it?

Let’s face it, it’s more cost-effective to buy used cars in Australia. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, a new vehicle can cost anywhere from $24,000 – $80,000. And it doesn’t stop there – ownership costs can add a toll on finances, as maintenance work and oil changes need to be performed regularly.

This is the reason more people are looking to buy used cars. However, some people are still wary about the risk factors that come with buying second-hand. Especially for those who are new to automotive, it’s hard to see existing damages at first glance. A used vehicle may be working properly today but give out the moment you bring it home.

Because of this, more people opt to hire a professional inspector to look at cars before the big purchase. They can properly check the internal and external facets of the car. Since they are independent contractors, they’re tasked to give you their objective opinion on the vehicle. This allows you to make an informed decision.

What do they check for?

There are a lot of components to make a car work. As such, there are also a lot of things that can be wrong with its machinery. Included in a professional’s checklist are:

The Engine – Professionals check the engine’s performance and fluid levels. They look for any external damage, smoke, leaks and noises. They also perform a CO2 Head Gasket Leakage test.
Steering and Suspension – They see if shock absorbers, springs, steering racks, sway bars and trailing arms are still in working condition.
Brakes and Wheels – They ensure that the breaks are still operational. This includes the boosters, disc rotors, pads and callipers. It should also have enough brake fluid, and the handbrake should function well.
Exteriors – They will check the cosmetic condition of the car, including the windscreens, paint depth, lenses, frames and chassis.

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