Why Hiring a Patent Lawyer Increases the Chance of Getting Your Application Granted

Patenting is a legal process that is meant to protect one’s invention from being copied or used. Even if the invention is not yet finalised , you can still apply for it. With a patent, you can be assured that you’ll have exclusive rights over the fruit of your hard work and brainstorming, unless you decide to allow others.

However, applying for one is not a simple procedure. The terms and rules are complex. This is why even through the procedure does not necessarily require an attorney, most of those who apply still hire one. According to statistics, only a few first-time applicants are successful. If you want to beat the odds, you should hire an expert to assist you in all aspects of the procedure.

Though generally all attorneys can deal with patenting procedure, it’s still highly recommended to hire a specialist.


To sum it up, the whole process is about persuading the authorities on why the application should be granted. You see, not everything can be patented thus a patent attorney can help you in this aspect. He or she will help you in gathering all the necessary details regarding your invention and will help you draft the application. This way, your request has a higher chance of being granted.

The attorney you will choose must be meticulous in research and must possess excellent persuading skills. He or she must have the capacity to quickly understand what your invention is all about and to convincingly describe and clarify its importance to due authorities. There might also come a time that he or she will need to defend your application in court if there will be litigation involved.

Patent law is a highly technical field and requires extensive training and experience. Not everyone who graduates from law school can do the job. It is recommended that you reach out to specialists if you want to increase the likelihood of having your patent application approved.

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