Planning To Clean Your Office? Here’s The Ultimate Checklist

Office cleaning is one of the most demanding tasks due to the wide range of environments involved. It entails organising open spaces, restrooms, kitchen facilities and cramped rooms. Therefore, proper planning is the key to ensure everything gets cleaned every time.

The best way out is to use an office cleaning checklist. Just like our usual home cleaning tasks, you must start at the front and finish on the rare end. Only, you’ll need to focus on the right duties from scratch.

Dust the bookshelf—After removing all the journals, books, files and pretty much everything that you keep on your shelf, clean it using a duster from top to bottom. Dust all books with a soft paintbrush before arranging them neatly on the shelves. Don’t forget to wipe down the outer parts of the storage bins that store your litter using a cloth and detergent.

Vacuum your desk chair—Treat any stains on your seat with a cloth and detergent (for fabric seats). Don’t forget to wipe down its legs, arms and most importantly, the wheels, removing any dirt stuck in between wheels. If the cloth is too soft, use a toothbrush to scrub the wheels and then wipe with a cloth to dry.

Clean the light fixtures—You can use a long duster or a cloth to dust the light fixtures. If it’s too far to reach, use a ladder or climb on top your office desk.

Wash your windows—Using a piece of soft cloth moistened with glass cleaner and a little water, carefully wipe your windows removing any cobwebs.

Clean curtains or blinds—With the help of your vacuum cleaner and brush on low setting, dust your curtains or blinds.

Clean the desk—Wipe any desk accessories from top to bottom using a cloth. Clear the desk and dust its surface, frame, and legs using a damp cloth.

Dust the computer or laptop—Dust your desktop or laptop screen as well as other electronics e.g. printer from top to bottom using a dry piece of cloth. For desktops, don’t forget to wipe the central processing unit (CPU) and keyboard.

Your employee`s health is your responsibility. That’s why it is important to clean these non-working environs that are prone to germs than any other place in the building. When conducting an office cleaning, a thorough sanitisation of the lavatory is a must-do to minimise the spread of germs. You can visit to get more information that you can add to your checklist.