Tree Lopper

Questions to Ask Your Potential Tree Lopper

There a lot of things to consider and procedures to follow when it comes to tree care. Lopping isn’t as easy as mowing lawn grass. Imagine doing physical work on a level that high. Aside from that, there are numerous risky variables to be careful of such as sharp fences, electrical wires and neighbouring houses or buildings. So, why risk your life when you can hire a trained, equipped and experienced tree lopper to do the job for you.

Here are questions to ask your prospective lopper:

Can I review the contract?

Make sure you go over the entire contract before you sign anything, especially the clauses that talk about the insurance provided to you.

If you’re having trouble understanding the technical aspects of the contract, don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer to clarify things for you. They can also oversee if it contains fair and professional conditions.

Do you charge your quotations?

Quotations are important. It informs the residents what services need to be done to maintain the health and beauty of their trees. It also indicates how much the entire lopping operation will cost.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where homeowners get shocked when the final bill arrives. Avoid any hidden fees by asking if the company charges their quotation or not.

When shall we work on a working timeline?

A working timeline lets you know when the tree lopping service will start and end. It helps your entire household adjust before, during and after the entire project. Remember, true professionals, honour the agreed-upon deadlines with the projects they do.

Do you have any contact references?

Part of doing a background check on the company that handles tree care is by asking for contact references.

Ask their former clients about the quality of their work, if there were any issues with the project and if they would ever consider hiring them again.

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain the health and beauty of trees. It’s best to trust a tree lopper keep it in excellent condition. Visit and have your quotation done today!