Puerto Galera for your Next Trip

If you enjoy travelling and you would like to visit other country’s rich beaches and adventure destinations, then you might want to consider visiting Philippines. Philippines is a country which is widely known for its excellent beaches and any other adventure destinations. When you visit the country, there are lots of cities which offers different adventures. The country is also known to offer an all in one tourist destination because you could do lots of things in the Philippines. But there is actually one city that also holds one of the best destinations for snorkeling, beaching, scuba diving, and more, and that city is called Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera is basically a tiny city which is located on the Mindoro Island’s coast and several tourists actually love the city because of its rich nature and beaches. Puerto Galera is also well-known for having great snorkeling and scuba diving destinations, and most especially their white sand beaches or resorts.

There are two known tourists’ spots in Puerto Galera which you might want to try visiting. One of them is the White Beach which is generally known for having atmospheric beach, active nightlife with several restaurants and bars. Hence, if you are a tourist who love to experience nightlife, then staying in White Beach could be your option. In addition, White Beach is also the local choice of Filipino people.

The next famous tourist spot in Puerto Galera is the Sabang Beach. Sabang Beach holds broad options when it comes to accommodations from simple guest houses up to luxurious resorts. Most of the resorts actually acquire their own diving center which could be great for you if you are fond of diving adventures. In addition, most of the foreign tourists that visit Puerto Galera would basically stay in Sabang Beach.

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© scandidivers.com

When it comes to accommodation rates, it all varies on the time of the year. The peak season of Puerto Galera is during summer which falls in the months of April and May. On these two months, the beaches or resorts could increase their rates since lots of tourists visit during summer. November to March is called the high season which could also become a peak season when it comes to December. And the low season is basically during the months of June to October. Hence, if you desire to visit on a low season, then you could actually get a great deal during the months of June to October. But if you desire to visit during high or peak seasons, then you should book ahead of time in order to get reservations and great deals as well in Puerto Galera Mansion.

Furthermore, apart from being famously known as scuba diving and snorkeling spot, Puerto Galera also offers several activities and adventures which you could enjoy. You could enjoy nightlife at several clubs, bars or resorts. The city also offers excellent golf courses, fishing trips, wind surfing, sailing and kayaking. You could as well try trekking in several destinations, check out tribal settlements and go for island hopping, and a lot more adventures and activities which you could definitely enjoy.