4 Important Questions to Ask Your Removals Company

Moving is pretty difficult. In fact, it can take a significant amount of your time. To help ease the process of moving, it’s best to hire a removals company. This way, they can assist you well, allowing you to focus on tasks such as arranging important files. Before hiring the first service provider you see, be sure to ask the following questions:


Can you provide packing services?

Packing your belongings can take a huge chunk of your time. Not only will you have to sort out your belongings, you also have to wrap them and make sure they get into the right box. Doing this can take you hours or even days to finish.

To help you be more productive, hire removalists who can provide packing services. They have a team of specialists who can move with efficiency, allowing them to finish ahead of time.

What types and sizes of vans and lorries do you have?

Since you’ll be having your furniture transported from one place to another, ensure that they have different types and sizes of vans. After all, you don’t want your furniture to be cramped, right? With varying sizes of equipment, you can be sure that your valuables are in good hands. This means you won’t have to deal with damaged belongings.

Are your staff trained?

Be sure that your contractors are properly trained. This means they should not only be licensed and fully employed. Ask what type of training they have received and their intended plan of action if they’re going to be handling your space. This gives you peace of mind you need knowing your possessions will be properly attended to.

Do you have insurance?

Ask too about their insurance. Be sure that the details included show that you won’t have to shell out money should damages occur.

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