Renting A New Year’s Eve Party Cruise

Don’t know where to bring your family for the New Year’s Eve? Why not try party cruise for a change. This will be a memorable experience as you witness the grand fireworks at the Opera House while munching scrumptious food.

Hassle-free preparation

If you’ll think about it, celebrating New Year at home is tiring, as you will prepare the food, decorate the house and clean up the mess. This will be a burden if you don’t have someone to help you. Good thing, when you rent a New Years Eve party cruise, all the things you need be provided. They serve food, decorate the hub and clean the mess after the party, giving you time to relax and enjoy the night with your loved ones. Not to mention the amazing view in the dock where you can take hundreds of photos.

Wide array of food options

Sydney Party Cruises serve different cuisines, buffet style. This is to give their clients a chance to try everything at once. But since not all of us can consume fatty foods or have an allergic reaction to seafood, they can also prepare food of your choice. Customise the menu and let the crew know the ingredients to avoid.

Experienced staff

Upon availing the package, you can also request for a crew to help you serve food and drinks. These people undergo training and have a broad knowledge in customer service. Whatever request it might be as long as it’s related to the dining and kitchen services, they can accommodate you.


Accidents and emergency happen even if it’s New Year’s Eve. But don’t worry because the staffs are trained to keep you safe from inevitable accidents like food choking and drowning. If you have kids, make sure to keep an eye on their movements in the cruise as they can fall into the water. Rest assured that crew can help you during times like this.