Australian Patent Attorneys: Functions, Duties And Other Essential Information

 You have extracted your creative juices and spent so many sleepless nights inventing a gadget that can benefit mankind, but someone had the courage to copy and claim it as their own. Thanks to the law, it is now easier to track down individuals who abuse Intellectual Property Rights.

This is where Australian patent attorneys come into play. So what do patent attorneys do? If you have not been a victim of Intellectual Property abuse, you will not surely be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a patent lawyer. However, you do not have to experience Copyright violation to familiarize yourself with their duties and responsibilities as this article will provide the information you need about this type of attorney.

The Responsibilities That The Job As A Patent Attorney Entails

•    A patent attorney is responsible for gaining proper understanding of an invention including its strengths and weaknesses. Once they get a good idea of how your invention works, they will advise you whether or not it is necessary to get a patent. They may also suggest altering your invention for it to qualify for a patent.

•    All patents should also comply with all the requirements and it is the attorney’s responsibility to keep these conditions in check. If there are complaints, they are also responsible for checking the file and finding out if there was really patent law violation made.

•    Once violation is proven, the attorney will also help the complainant create a claim, which includes a brief description of the invention and it should also prove that it is original and has not copied any idea from other products or inventions.

•    The functionality of the product must also be described in vivid details and this is referred to as patent specification. Only a skilled patent attorney can do this because the choice of words must meet the requirement for the eligibility of patent law changes in the future.

•    Every detail will be carefully examined and it will take 2 to 3 years to get a patent. The process may also vary from country to country. If you intend to get Australian patent attorneys, they may present a different process.

Important Considerations When Getting A Patent Attorney

Make sure you hire patent attorneys that are registered and has met the criteria set by professional standards board. You should check the attorney’s technical qualification as he also needs to be keen on this subject matter. Finally, you should be aware of the charges for their services so you can estimate how much you need to spend for their services.

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