Vape Pens

The Right Way to Clean Vape Pens

Marketed for vapers on-the-go, vape pens are one of the most modern types of vaping devices sold in the market. And because of the convenience, it brings, this type of vaping device doesn’t come cheap.

Like any other device, there is a proper way to clear these of residues, depending on what method you choose to go with.

Here is the right way to provide maintenance to this type of e-cigarettes:

Disassemble your device

Any vaping device isn’t something you can just submerge in water. You need to disassemble it first and segregate the parts that are safe to come into contact with water from the parts that can’t. Disassembling it also allows you to clean every part of your device thoroughly.

Do not drain the battery

Like your other electronic devices, batteries should never be drained empty because it can a leak concentrate. And if it reaches the head of your device, it becomes a health hazard.

Don’t use sharp objects in cleaning your chamber

Your vape’s chamber is a delicate part. Getting poked by a sharp object in the wrong place can destroy the entire thing.

When cleaning it, use a cotton bud dipped in water or alcohol to wipe away any stubborn dirt. Also, use your hand gently when working on this part of your device.

Clean the mouthpiece regularly

The mouthpiece is the easiest part to clean in an e-cigarette, but it’s also the part that hoards the most dirt and vapour residue. A simple cotton pad or swab, also damped within either alcohol or water, is enough to clean it.

Take your time in cleaning the vape pen’s vaporiser

Clean the vaporiser requires specific steps:

  1. Remove the chamber and tap out whatever content is left inside it.
  2. Use a small brush to sweep the dry particles surrounding it. Never use a damped cotton swab because it might affect the wiring inside.
  3. Use a cotton pad, soaked in lukewarm water, to clean the outside part of the body and mouthpiece.
  4. Once cleaned, assemble everything together again.

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