Saw Cutting

The concept of construction is one of the things that made us into how advanced and industrialized today. It paved the way for homes and buildings to be built and give more land space for use to hunt, collect resources and seek shelter. Its importance not only involving allowing things to be made that protects us from outside elements such as rain and animals, it also helps us creating places where we collect and distribute energy converted into electricity and distributed into every home that we use to power our phones, gadgets, appliances and more. In a nutshell, construction is the constructing of a building or infrastructure. And as the saying goes, “No man is an island”, Building are built not only of the same materials and are not composed of only the outer area. There are steel and wood linings inside the posts or buildings. The lining is usually steel rods or girders, and an outer layer of wood. But since these vary in length, the best way to determine how long of material is needed to line the house or building is to get a long piece of material and cut it to the suitable size of the building. The length steel rod and girders are usually already suited to the length or height of the building. Wood is the more important length to be checked because there is not only one piece of wood is used, but multiple; and each set of wood has a slight difference in height of the other, depending on the architecture of the infrastructure. Fortunately, due to the usual relatively weak structure of wood, there is a quick and easy way to get the length of the wood. It involves using a tool called a “saw” and slicing the target forward and backward.

  • Cutting wood is actually pretty easy by construction standards, only needed one tool, although it has many variants, and just doing a repeating motion and applying pressure. The tool used in cutting wood is called a “saw”, and it can come in many forms. The traditional saw is a long thin but broad blade with hard-toothed edges.
  • These things are really sharp, and even some used on concrete saws can work. For people who this is too much work, there is an automatic variant which is called the “chainsaw” which looks exactly what it sounds like. The small saw blades that used to be tooth-ridges part and connected with a chain. Chainsaws are usually used on giant trees, where the wood is harder to penetrate.
  • Regular saws are usually used in regular lengths of wood used in outlining the skeleton of a building. This is important because without a steel beam or girders and an outline of wood, the concrete will crumble and fall. It also helps get resources like wood for future use. Before the time man knew how to make iron, saw back then were shark teeth and mostly sharpened rock. This concept has allowed us to get buildings constructed for our use.

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