Sign Writing – what does it offer?

 Sign Writing has slowly and steadily become a million dollar industry all over the world. The days of using paint and brushes to put up text and images on banners are long gone. These days, professional sign writers in Sunshine Coast provide amazing and quick service of printing the required texts and signs on almost any material and surface. The use large scale flex printers which can help you print almost anything on a variety of material types.

These days you can spot such banners everywhere, from giving directions on the road in the reflective green to advertising for local stores and stalls at any fair or gathering. Advancements in printing technologies have made large scale printing very affordable and quick. Let us take a look at all the different types of materials and techniques available in modern day Sign writing.

• Large format Printing:

Large printers are used to produce huge prints on vinyl sheets which can be very durable and of great detail. Density of as high as 1440 dpi can be achieved from such printers. These printers can also print on fabrics that are used as decorations in major conferences. A full size vinyl printer can print banners of sizes exceeding 10 feet by 10 feet. Even bigger sizes can be obtained by carefully producing parts of the print like mosaic pieces and placing them together.

• Steel signs:

These signs are generally put around highways to show directions. They can easily be made illuminated by adding certain colors. They are generally used in outdoor conditions as they can withstand much harder climatic conditions than standard vinyl banners.

• Vehicle Wraps:

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Apart from producing vinyl banners, these printers can produce vinyl banners to perfectly fit any car that you want to advertise on. These types of advertisements are very popular now and are available at very good prices. These banners can be custom built for almost all vehicles and they offer good quality and durability to last long times on the vehicle.

• 3-D Signs:

3-D signs are another popular use of Sign writing these types of prints are performed by creating the content to appear slightly aggravated over the background. These signages are generally used for putting up names of shops and restaurants as they are attractive to look at.

• Stickers:

Stickers are also very popular and they can be produced in bulk by using these large scale printers. They are printed on a special type of paper that has glue attached in between its layers. This layer is removable and allows stickers to stick to almost any required surface. The good thing with stickers is that a lot of them can be printed at once and they look very good if made of high quality due to the availability of good colors and images these days.