Large HVLS Fans

Situations When Large HVLS Fans are Needed

Situations When Large HVLS Fans are Needed

Stifling heat can lead to health problems and lack of productivity. In big spaces, ventilation can be a challenge. A good way to address this is to install large HVLS fans. Here are some situations where these are necessary:

Operating a Factory

Factories often utilise heavy equipment to facilitate their operations. However, these machines are likely to generate heat, making the worksite feel stuffy. Even with the use of air conditioners, workers often experience high temperatures, which can reduce hygiene and productivity. If you are operating a factory, you might want to get an HVLS fan to ensure airflow to cool down the area.

Maintaining a Warehouse

When storing products in warehouses, most items require optimal temperatures to prevent damaging the goods. Extreme heat and humidity can lead to food items getting spoiled, whilst electronics can sustain damage due to moisture. You can prevent this by ventilating the place using these industrial overhead fans.

Cooling Down Gyms

A person exercising releases heat. A bunch of people working out in a confined space can lead to high temperatures. Not only does it make the room feel stale; it can also cause fouls smells due to combined sweat and heat. To make room for gym equipment, your best bet is to combine air coolers with HVLS ventilators.

Ventilating Office Spaces

Because open-space offices are rapidly gaining in popularity, the need for more efficient ways to cool down large spaces also rises. Whilst air coolers used to be the sole solution to this problem. However, in an age where energy efficiency is an important factor, a good way to solve this is by installing these fans.

When floor fans can become hindrances, large HVLS fans can give you the support you need. Get in touch with 5th Star Service to enquire about their products. They offer high-quality appliances along with reliable services from their qualified technicians.