Sound Tips When Cleaning Rugs

Rugs just like carpets can also get dirty easily because of the traffic they receive every day. As you see, while in carpets you purposely pass them, with rugs, you intentionally rub your feet on them so that your feet will be cleaned before getting inside your home or if you are from the comfort room and so on. If you notice, rugs are structured the same way as carpets though the only difference is that they are cut smaller to function as rugs. But because they are structured like carpets, they also attract different types of bacteria easily and they also lock in bacteria they interact with them. This is the reason why, along with carpets, rugs are said to be part of the dirtiest items inside a typical home. Though rugs are not really as used as effective as carpets when it comes to inflicting pollution as they are only used in some areas of the house, still just the fact that they are inside your home is a good enough reason to make sure that they will be cleaned regularly.

As rugs are considered one of the dirtiest items in your place, you should make sure they are regularly cleaned so that they will not generate negative impact on your family especially on your kids who have lower immune system. Now, here are some tips in cleaning them properly though if you don’t have time as they can take so much of your time, you can hire professional rug cleaners instead. But still if you want to know how to clean them yourself, here are some tips:

  • Vacuum your rugs regularly at the back and on the front side. Do it at the back first by using the rotating brush so that trapped dirt will be then pushed towards the front part. When that is done, you can then flip the rug and vacuum the dirt.
  • Most of the time, a rug is placed under a furniture like a center table or even a dining table for that matter. So, if this is also how you used your rugs, you can rotate the furniture once in awhile so that the hairy fabrics of the rugs will still look even. The same thing for the rugs without furniture over them. You can also rotate them once in awhile so that the part where traffic is usual will also be alternated and flatness in some areas will be prevented.
  • If you are planning to store the rugs or have them for dry cleaning, make sure they are rolled so that creases will be prevented to form. Besides, it will be easier for them to transport and store if they are rolled.

As mentioned above, rug cleaning can be stressful and time consuming. Thus is you are a working mom or you already have a lot in your hands, you can hire a rug cleaning Melbourne company instead and you can be sure that your rugs will be cleaner as ever.